WP-1 Meeting - Gizycko - February, 2006

On 9-10 February 2006, the third meeting of the first BFR working group (WP1) was held in the City of Giżycko in Poland.


The activities of WP1 were discussed, presentations of all partners on the already accomplished works were given and the guidelines for further activities were set during the meeting. The VMU Military History Centre undertook to prepare the documentation and inventory collection methodology.

In addition, a decision was made to carry on the development of the structure of the Transnational Documentation and Inventory Centre and the TIS (Transnational Information System) - the transnational information system database intended for the restoration technologies, monument protection and nature management, which is prepared by the information technologies specialists Mr. J.Tietze (Berlin) and Mr. V.Orlov (Kaunas). The prospective documentation search in German, Polish, Russian and other achieves was also discussed.