WP-1 & WP-2 Meetings - Kaunas - January, 2006
The meeting of the first (WP1) and the second (WP2) working groups of BFR regarding the organisation of student courses and the creation of a Transnational database was held in the VMU Military History Centre.

A decision was taken to hold student courses on architecture (lect. N.Steponaitytė), history (lect. E.Gruzdienė) and nature (Habil. Dr. F.Riesbeck) of the Kaunas Fortress at VMU and KUT, as well as to organise a practical expedition to Fort V of the Kaunas Fortress in the summer of 2006.

Further, the German partners’ proposal to create the transnational database including fortresses of all project participants at the Humboldt University database “Mneme” was accepted. The final structure of this database was agreed to be considered at the general meeting of the BFR partners in Gdansk in June 2006.

Source: Military Historical Center in Kaunas