WP-2 Meeting in Kolobrzeg - October, 2005

The meeting of the second BFR working group (WP2) was held in the City of Kolobrzeg in Poland on 27-28 October 2005.



During the meeting, Gdansk University of Technology was replaced by another partner – Humboldt University of Berlin – which took over the creation of the structure of TIS (Transnational Information System) – the transnational information system database intended for restoration technologies, monument protection and nature management.

Following the withdrawal from the project by Gdansk University of Technology and other partners due to the failure to satisfy the requirements, the possibility of establishing the Transnational Documentation and Inventory Centre in Kaunas was considered. However, the decision was taken to consider the establishment details during the plenary meeting in Kaunas (in November 2005).

Partners from Dömitz Fortress shared their experience on the complex technologies used in the restoration of their fortress gates. In addition, organisation issues of the international scientific conference (to be held in Kaunas on 21-23 March 2007) were briefly referred to.