WP-1 & WP-2 & LP Meeting - February, 2007

5th – 8th February 2007, Vilnius (Lithuania)

The meeting of the Lead Partner, first and second work groups of INTERREG III B “Baltic Fort Route” (BFR) took place on 5-8 February in Vilnius.

WP2 and WP1 project activities were discussed and guidelines for activities until the end of the project were laid down. The most important issue regarding the implementation of increased budget by July 2007 was discussed. Also were discussed activities of TIS group and possibilities to compile and input more information into Humboldt University “Mneme” database, which soon will be accessible to all project partners.

A lot of time took discussion about preparation the International scientific conference “Research, protection, reconstruction and rehabilitation of fortresses” which will take place in Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas on 21-23 March 2007.

The meeting was crowned by the excursion in Vilnius old town and the sightseeing of military heritage in Vilnius.





1. Activities of all partners?

2. PDP – Redevelopment of casemates – Gdansk, Peitz?

3. PDP – Fortress Dömitz

4. PDP – Monument & Nature – Kaliningrad?

5. TIS – Restoration technologies, monument protection and nature management?

6. Practical Course of Students?

7. Scientific Competence and Consultation Center (Kaunas – Berlin)?

8. Information basis and working division for the next steps.

9. Summary and preparing the Kaunas Conference (Brainstorming for “Declaration of Kaunas”)


Speaker or Consultant/Mod.
Monday, 5th February 2007 
  Arrival by plane, bus, train or car and check in hotel Panorama.
Welcome cocktail at the hotel restaurant
Tuesday, 6th February 2007
WP 2 Workshop and common (WP1 and WP2) meeting with LP
– Conference Room in Hotel Panorama 

9.30-11.30 Separate WP2 meeting
Frank Riesbeck, coordinator
09:30 Welcome
Dr. F. Riesbeck
09:40 Introduction and Questions
Dr. F. Riesbeck
09:45-11:30 Start brainstorming to the questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Dr. H.R. Neumann
11.30-12.00 Coffee-break
12.00-14.00 Continuation workshop questions 6, 7, 8, 9
Dr. H.R. Neumann  
14.00-15:00 Break for lunch
15:00-17:30 Common WP1 and WP2 meeting with LP
Summary of MS4 - Activity Reports
Preparing of Kaunas Conference
Preparation and elaboration of "Declaration of Kaunas"
Organization matters
LP, Coordinator,
19:00 Dinner in Old Town
Wednesday, 7th February 2007
WP 1 Workshop
– Conference Room in Hotel Panorama

9.00–13: 00 Sightseeing of Vilnius defences
With guide
13:00-14:00 Lunchtime  
14:00-16:00 Summary - WP1 activity during milestone 4
Information about situation in schedule of WP1
Plans for milestone 5
Workshop - virtualization of fortresses
Dr. V. Rakutis
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30–19:00 Discussion about ideas for the time after the project.
Scientific network.
Homepage - discussion
Dr. V. Rakutis
Thursday, 8th February 2007
Check out hotel, Departure