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On 23-25 April 2006, the workshop “Development of Utilisation Concepts in Fortresses” was held in the Königstein Fortress in Germany. 

Photo by I. Veliute


The organisers of the workshop: Dr.-Ing. H.R.Neumann, R.S.Dornbusch, P.Stoppa. During the workshop, Dr. Angelika Taube, the Managing Director of the Königstein Fortress, showed around the fortress itself, exhibitions and expositions held in the fortress and provided much important and interesting information on the methodology of fortress management, restoration and adjustment for visitors.

The participants of the workshop held a discussion to ascertain the possibility of application of the Königstein Fortress practice in the fortresses of their cities. In addition to the BFR Project partners from Lithuania, Germany and Poland, this workshop was attended by the guests from Czech Republik and Germany.

Photo by I. Veliute
Photo by I. Veliute
Photo by Dr. Neumann


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