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The meeting of the second BFR working group (WP2) called “Restoration, Monument Protection and Nature Management” took place in the City of Peitz, in Germany, on 23-24 March 2006.


Partners shared their experience, gave presentations during the meeting. Representatives of the Humboldt University of Berlin, VMU Military History Centre and Institute of Architecture and Construction at KUT provided information on the organisation of the student courses.

Project partners from the Association of Peitz Museums, Dömitz City Municipality (Germany) and the City of Kostrzyn (Poland) notified on the carried out works of fortress restoration and their inclusion in the tourism routes.

Especially many proposals were given with regard to creation of TIS (Transnational Information System) – transnational information system intended for restoration technologies, monument protection and nature management. The introduction of this database at the Humboldt University database “Mneme” has already been started. The free of charge access to the database by all project partners and the constant supplementing of the database is sought.

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