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The beginnings of Kostrzyn Fortress are dated in 1537 - 68 when from the will of Jan Hohenzollern the fortress was created in the form of terrestrial rampart. The next stage of the fortress's extension was realized by two Italian builders - Francesco Chiaramella and Roch Guerrini -Linari.

The Prince Bastion (not existent)

The Phillip Bastion

The Old City Kostrzyn - Painting

After its completion in 1590 the fortress was one of the greatest works of fortification architecture of contemporary Europe. It was composed of six bastions: "King", "Queen", "Princess", "Phillip" - corner bastions, the "Prince" bastion and the "Brandenburg" bastion - middle bastions. In 1860 another stage of fortress's extension began, as a result fortress was given new defensive architecture components in the form of lunettes and guardrooms which controlled road, water and newly created railway routes. After termination of the war with France in 1870 and receipt of the forced contribution decision was made to extend fortress and build covering forts: Sarbinowo, Czarnów, Żabice and Gorgast.

The Old City Kostrzyn - bird-eye view in 20-th years

The Castle (not existent)

The Castle (not existent)

Through the centuries fortress fought against destructive armies of the following wars: The Thirty Years` War(1618-48), The Seven Years` War (1753-1760) and Napoleonic Wars (1806-1814). It was conquered for the first time in 1806 by the Napoleon's army. Present condition of complete ruins (95% of damages) was caused by inside two months besiege in 1945 in result of which the fortress was conquered by the Red Army.

The Castle

The Castle - ruins

The King Bastion

Until today survived fortifications, the "Berlin" Gate, the "Chyżańska" Gate, two ravelins, three bastions, inner moats and buildings ruins therein the castle's. Streets system and buildings foundations preserved in good condition as well.

The Berlin's Gate

The Berlin's Gate

The Berlin's Gate

Not until recently could the place of the former Old Town arouse some feeling of nostalgia for something that no longer existed. Today, the plans of the reconstruction make the dreams come true. The ruins of the houses and streets have been cleared of rubble. Now, it is a favourite place and the greatest attraction for tourists, the youth and former Kostrzyn inhabitants who remind themselves of their childhood and youth, while walking in the streets of the Old Town.

The street of Old City Kostrzyn

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