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In a sales document from the year 1301 Peitz was first named as „opidum et castum "(city and castle). Not least because of its border situation to Saxonia and Böhmen Peitz experienced a frequent change of the owners. By the building of the fortress in 1559 to 1562 the "markgräfliche" possession should be protected in the long term. Over centuries was this building character-determining for the city.

This very early fortress time determined the city structure of Peitz. Today the building design in the old city center shows the old geometrical adjustment of the roads. For it the regulation is causal as garrison town.

Also the ironworks in the east of city Peitz, which developed today a hut and a fishery museum worth seeing resident, being because of the Peitzer ponds originally from military considerations.


After the 3. Silesian war lost the fortress Peitz at military meaning. The bastions, fortress barriers and many military buildings were cleared away. The building material was used for the building of civilian houses. Many houses in the Peitzer old town were built with the bricks of the former fortress.

Today still two fortress buildings are present in Peitz. These are the fortress tower (fat tower) and a part of the former Malzhausbastei.

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