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The interdisciplinary composition of the partners („fort-pool "and „brain-Pool ") enables a systematic operation, guarantees know-how-transference and optimal results.

First step is the installation of a network, the structuring and organisation. At the top, a steering-committee stands, supports by a permanent working team (interregional project coordinator and assistants, leaders from a permanent fort-pool and brain-Pool) and a temporary working team (team-managers of work packages, scientific partners and external experts).

The direct communication in the network takes place through

- 6 network conferences, 20 work package conferences

- 1 scientific meeting, 1 transnational presentation,

- Installation from 2 to 3 consultations and competence-centres

- Regular sessions of the steering committee and steering group

The indirect communication takes place in the network through the construction from

- 1 website, 1 marketing-platforms with virtual fortress representations,

- 1 subject data base, 1 flying exhibition

The development of tourist products bases on a status-quo-analyse (recent utilisation and cultivation of fortresses) Scientific institutes secure a high quality of the analysis and the evaluation.

Data base become furnished to the inventory/archive research and to the utilisation-offer in the fortresses. There will be discuss and work out concepts of heritage compatible utilisations, development-ability of the fortresses and culture/tourist centres (network conference, work packages conferences, scientific meetings, spread of best practises etc.)

Demonstrations - and pilot projects offer new realisations for all partners within the network.


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