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The development of the product "Baltic Culture and Tourism-Route Fortresses" produces an advancement for culture offers, new culture offers, a differentiation, more attractiveness and specialisation of themes of fortresses. There will be routes of themes, main- and partially routes with qualified culture and recreational offers and tourist infrastructure.

Further on:

  • Saving, inventory, restoration and tourism development of the European heritage "Fortresses" in the Baltic area, pilot and demonstration projects
  • Initiation of private investors for an attractive package "Cultural- and tourism route "Fortresses"" and for infrastructure, market chances for small and middle business companies
  • Enhancement of the added value, creation of new sources of income, new jobs and earnings in the regions of fortresses
  • Development of specialized, professional scientific centres of competence and consultation, cross border cooperation of science, practical courses of studies, quick evaluation of scientific results to international practice
  • Development of innovative and virtual marketing instruments (3-D-virtualization), of merchandising offers and elements of routes (signposting, maps and brochures), touring exhibition "Fortresses" , annual programmes and event calendar.
  • Adoption of effective, consistent systems for documentation, organization, inventory; combination and consolidation of the scientific fund, constitution of central documentation centres in division of work
  • Foundation of a central management organization for professional, transnational culture management, tourism management and international marketing under standardized label
  • Foundation of effective local management organizations for fortresses
  • Effective, economical methods of cultivation for monuments, optimization of results of cultivation, enhancement of receipts for cost recovery
  • Development of fortresses as regional centres of tourism
  • Connections between fortress-, culture- and town-tourism

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