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Central objective is construction of a network for development and economic utilization of cultural heritage, creating trans national culture and tourism products and promoting scientific co-operation. The network project brings the most important vigour's together to save the cultural heritage in the Baltic region, to integrate in the change of structures, in the cultural and economical development, in the cross bordering cooperation, and also to advance the change of functions of the fortresses to places of cultural interests and tourist centres. Culture is a location factor for revaluation of monuments and towns.

As result there will be also an inimitable, spacious, highly qualified cultural and tourist product with various, attractive, all-season offers and transnational management.

The start project will give a model for an Europe wide network and tourism product and also for Europe wide scientific cooperation.

Completely new synergies will be opened up. The project will carry on the European cooperation and also public-private-partnership. It develops the cross-border effects, endogen potentials, adaptation of the conditions between the regions, science and researches about fortresses.

Other effects are:

  • Development of tourism as economic factor, development of tourism infrastructure, employment creation for tourism, leisure, culture and temporary for handicraft, service, carrying business
  • Enrichment of the Baltic offer for experiences and culture and promotion of traveling and cultural exchange
  • Development transnational scientific cooperation, consolidation of division of work and specialisation of science, research and education in the Baltic Sea region, procurement of best practices, international know-how-transfer between science and practice, improvement of synergies between science and research by cooperation and combination of specialised institutes


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